See The Ability, Not Just The Disability

Promoting and organising sport, recreation and leisure time occupations for underprivileged and disadvantaged children in the interests of their social welfare, with the object of improving the life experiences of these children.


In the UK there are over 1,300,000 million disabled children and young people and nearly four million living in deprived circumstances.

The Davenport Trust Children’s Charity exists to improve the lives of these children. We provide practical, tangible help that makes a positive difference to children, young people, and their families, carers and teachers and aim to introduce enjoyable recreational pursuits into the lives of disadvantaged youngsters.


All donations go directly to those who need it. Your donation will fund activities, equipment and sporting events to enrich and support the lives of children and young people who most need it.

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How Donations Have helped Historically

Funded Event

The Fast Track Campaign

Edward has spinal muscular atrophy. We engaged with the local college to arrange special needs provisions so that Edward might benefit from full invol...
Funded Event

Local Sports Day For St Barnards School

Recently we funded the local sports day for St Barnards school where a number of disabled students had their own personalised event. All students perf...
Funded Event

Specialist Swimming Event Funded

The Davenport Charity helped part-funded a specialist swimming waterline leisure centre in Lowestoft. It was excellent to see such talented young peop...