Who We Support

We support hospitals, hospices, schools, youth clubs, sports clubs, and other non-profit organisations that work with children.

Our Aim

We believe that all children should have an equal opportunity to reach their potential, regardless of their circumstances. All our programmes are dedicated to the needs of the young and funds are allocated to individual requirements or to organisations providing help to children under 18. There is a board of trustees responsible for the direction and governance of the charity. The charity’s services are delivered by trustees, staff members and volunteers.


Whom We Help & How

In consultation with parents, siblings, carers and teachers, we provide practical, tangible help that makes an immediate difference to children and young people.

Our support is designed to enable them to develop greater independence, to promote their physical or social development and to ensure that care needs are better met. In so doing, a child’s wellbeing is safe-guarded, and self-esteem improved.

Nearly 70% of parents of disabled children report that the support they need is not met. We exist to change that to the best of our abilities and resources.


How We Support Families

The costs of raising a disabled child are, on average, £ 600 a month higher than that of raising a non-disabled child.

We part-and-fully fund wheelchairs and specialist equipment, including diabetes monitors, specialist car seats, powered wheelchairs and sensory equipment.

We assist parents and those responsible for a child to obtain wheelchair and equipment grants and this allows our funds to be used for our other services in support of the child’s well-being and recreational pursuits.


The International World
Of Variety
& Sightasavers

We are a supporter of Variety International, a global charity with three core initiatives: Freedom, Future and Caring. These themes are reflected in our own programmes.

We are also a supporter of Sightsavers, a global charity which aims to prevent avoidable blindness and save the sight of some of the world’s most vulnerable people.


All donations go directly to those who need it. Your donation will fund activities, equipment and sporting events to enrich and support the lives of children and young people who most need it.

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How Donations Have helped Historically

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Funded Event

Local Sports Day For St Barnards School

Recently we funded the local sports day for St Barnards school where a number of disabled students had their own personalised event. All students perf...
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Specialist Swimming Event Funded

The Davenport Charity helped part-funded a specialist swimming waterline leisure centre in Lowestoft. It was excellent to see such talented young peop...